Ladyglen Ballroom

Our Ladyglen East Ballroom is full of subtle sophistication and versatility. The unique chandeliers add to the spacious beauty of the hall while the simple architectural lines provide a touch of elegance.

The balcony offers guests a wonderful place to sit and view the activities on the dance floor while the large windows on the balcony and floor offer the best view of Nazareth¬†Hall’s tranquil grounds. There is also plenty of space on the main floor to accommodate a number of guest tables and the venue can easily be transformed depending on the style of your wedding.



Seating Capacity: 300
Location: 1st floor, East Side (Handicap accessible through outside doors)

Dimensions:¬†69′ 7″ long x 40′ 9″ wide
Balcony: 140′ around
Patio: 40×40
Ladyglen Stage: 13′ between curtains

**Minimum Sale May Apply

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