A Bride’s Perspective

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A Bride’s Perspective

When You’re the One Walking Down the Aisle | A Bride’s Perspective

It has been three weeks since I have been married and it turned out to be nothing like I thought it would be. All the little things that I thought would matter… didn’t. I thought that I had to spend a lot of time on my decorations, but I didn’t even see them. I thought I would have time to talk to everyone at my wedding, but I didn’t. The day was the fastest day of my life and the best! I hope you find this bride’s perspective helpful as you plan your day.

I planned and planned and planned for the whole weekend, months and years in advance, but it still didn’t really matter. In reality, I think I over planned my wedding because it made me more anxious for it to go right as planned. I still had the small hiccups like everyone else.

Plan B

I thought I had PLENTY of time for photos and I ended up not having enough. I hardly got any photos of just me and the couple shots. My ladies hair and makeup ran an hour behind and ended up pushing back my whole timeline. I had five people there for photos and video, thinking that it would help me get more shots, but it really didn’t. As soon as I realized we were so far behind in pictures, I started to panic and get stressed.

I was ready to get into my dress and realized that the bra I purchased, didn’t even work! Yes, the forty-five-dollar bra that I purchased and never tried on, didn’t even stick to me! I couldn’t go bra-less because then I wouldn’t fill out my dress- so I panicked. After getting my tears out, we started thinking about the plan B. My mom ended up duck taping my bra cups to my body and it worked. It’s the small things you don’t even think about that goes wrong, but that’s okay.

Worrying About Weather

I stressed all week about the weather because it was supposed to rain all weekend. I first went out and got shawls for all my bridesmaids because it was supposed to be cold. Then I heard about the rain, so I went out and got umbrellas for them all. I ended up not even needing the umbrellas because it never rained until after my ceremony started. It was FREEZING cold, but my adrenaline kicked in and I couldn’t feel a thing.

Once I saw my future husband every stress I had went away. My heart rate slowed down and I finally smiled. I finally relaxed a little. Seeing him before the ceremony made me realize the true reason we were there. Taking pictures with him wasn’t as hard as I imagined, because we just kept smiling from being so happy.

Everything was falling into place. The crazy little things that I was worried about before the wedding, didn’t even cross my mind. I never thought about if my desserts were out and ready. And I never worried if the candles were lit or if my decorations were out. The Nazareth Hall staff took care of it all. I got to relax and focus on the fact I was about to get married!

From Planner to Bride

I have been apart of hundreds of wedding here at Nazareth Hall and helped all my brides down the aisle, but it was finally my turn. Then, about fifteen minutes before the ceremony was about to start, it hit me… it was my turn! I ended up having a MAJOR panic attack and couldn’t breathe. As embarrassing as it was, I was the one who freaked out. I wasn’t nervous about marrying my best friend, I was nervous to have everyone watch me do it! I had the chapel packed and all of those eyes would be on me.

After over a year of being here, I have only seen 2 brides have a breakdown and now I was one of them. I finally realized why brides get so nervous. I always tell my brides before they walk down… “Walk as slow as you possibly can, look into his eyes and enjoy every step because you will never get this moment back!” I kept trying to tell myself that over and over, but I wasn’t helping me calm my nerves.

The only person I wanted to see was my soon to be husband. Joe and I took some time to ourselves, took a big breath and a long hug and he told me he loves me. He told me that as soon as those chapel doors open, it is only me and him. No one else in that room cares about me like he does. No one else there who cares about our vows like we do. As soon as those chapel doors open, that moment is for US. Last, I had a quick dance party with my ladies minutes before It was about to start, to get all my jitters out and my mind off the nerves.

Enjoy Every Moment

Everything happened SO fast, next thing I know my dad was grabbing my arm and telling me to slow down. He said to me that he has been chasing me my whole life and I have always been two steps ahead of him. Once those doors open, I didn’t see my guests standing there. I never heard the music playing or my bridesmaids standing up front. All I saw was my husband. All I cared about was getting up to the alter to see him and be his wife.

After we said “I do,” nothing else mattered that night. The reception went by SO SO SO fast and I can’t even remember talking to my guests or our first dance. I really didn’t even get to see my groom during the reception because we were both so busy. It made me really appreciate taking five minutes to ourselves after we walked out of the chapel doors. I wanted to practice our first dance with Joe and he said I was crazy.

In the end, I don’t even remember how we danced. We both shoved cake in each other faces and I thought that it would make me mad to ruin my makeup, but I was laughing too hard to even care. And I never noticed the small amount of people who didn’t show. I only noticed the people who were on the dance floor with me. Right now, the whole week and honeymoon went by so fast, that it feels like a dream. I can’t believe everything I have planned for, is already over with. Now it’s just us and the rest of our lives that we get to spend together.

Learnings from A Bride’s Perspective

Now that I am an experienced bride my best advice to anyone going to get married is to plan ahead so there is less to do the week of the wedding, but no need to over plan. Don’t stress about any hiccups that come your way, something is bound to happen. Take some time just bride and groom after getting married to spend just the two of you, the day goes by so fast that you want to take it all in.

Adding a photobooth was a great choice, my guests loved it and I got some fantastic pictures. Make sure you remember what the day is about, marrying the love of your life. Lastly, try to stay calm, just ride out all the waves and HAVE FUN!!!

Now that it is all said and done, I feel like I walk out of all of this as a better event coordinator. Now I know the business side and the personal side of a wedding.

-The new Mrs. Sickler


A special thanks to my vendors:

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Bartz Viviano

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