Advice from Brides

Advice from Brides

Weddings are a LOT of work! And unless you’ve planned one before, it can be pretty intimidating. At Nazareth Hall we pride ourselves on making the wedding planning process as easy as possible for our brides! So we have asked newly weds “What is your #1 tip for future engaged couples?” Here are 8 of the latest pieces of advice from brides we have received. 

“Start planning as soon as you can. The more you get done sooner, the easier it is later!” -Haley Ruffing

Important Advice

Remember when you promised you would stop procrastinating? Yeah, well now is the time to actually do that. Whether you have a 3 month engagement, or a 3 year long engagement, it is better to get things done up front than to wait. No one wants to look like the Emma Stone gif below days before their wedding. No. One.  

“CREATE A TIMELINE! Taylor helped me create one and we were ahead of the game the entire wedding day, and everyone loved how laid back the day was and no one was rushed.” -Megan Chadwick

A wedding without a timeline is like building a house, without a frame. Because without one, things are gonna go down. To make your day go smoothly, timelines are a must! Our office staff are timeline experts, so our brides are in good hands!

“Ask a lot of questions during the planning process! Imagine every detail of your day and ask beforehand, so that your wedding day is stress-free.” -Jessi Patterson 

Be organized, and utilize your resources! Our office staff will help you plan YOUR big day! Want to know the dimensions of our complimentary centerpiece sets? Ask! Want to know if we can order that special wine you and your fiancé drank on your first date? Ask! Any question, no matter how big or small,  ask away. The less on your mind, the better! 🙂





“I would say to definitely consider Nazareth Hall!!!! The sales and event coordinators and all the Staff were amazing. Every detail leading up to the wedding day and the wedding day itself will go by so fast, so having amazing people working with you and guiding you along the way makes it more memorable and enjoyable.” -Elizabeth Keiser

“Plan ahead, write everything down to make sure everything is covered.  Don’t be afraid to ask any question.” -Ashley Parsons

The day of your wedding, your mind is going to be in a million places. Between worrying about logistics and day dreaming, you’re going to be a bit distracted.  So write it all down. Make a list, and check it twice. After all, you do not need to be a jolly old man to know organization is key. Plan like Rory Gilmore, and take notes like Lorelai! Again, ask those questions.


“Pick Nazareth Hall because the staff is amazing, and they truly help make the wedding planning process stress free. I couldn’t imagine having our wedding anywhere else. It was everything we wanted and needed. All our guests gushed over the grounds and the food. Taylor was beyond amazing and I’m so grateful for her help throughout the wedding planning and helping to navigate everything.” -Kristy Siegle

Hey she said it, not us 😉


“Book your hotels in the area early and make sure to book a bed and breakfast for the wedding night!” -Kristi Valentine

Often times hotels do not need a deposit to block off rooms for your guests, and then guests are able to book them until about a month before the wedding! Reach out to some local places, and get some information. As for the bride and groom, you’re going to want your own space away from the family so you can partake in newly wed shenanigans. Calling around for a room is the last thing you will want to be doing.


“Choose Nazareth!” -Karrie Barbee


Short, sweet, but probably one of the best pieces of advice from brides we have heard 😉

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