Sip, Sip, Hooray! All About Our Bars

An in-depth guide to the bars at Nazareth Hall. Nazareth Hall offers five different bar packages for you to select for your wedding! This guide is to help explain what’s included in each and help answer some frequently asked, bar-related questions. All of our packages are unlimited during your reception and can be customized to […]

2022 Wedding Trends Prediction

With the 2022 wedding season shaping up to be record breaking, we are predicting some of the biggest 2022 wedding trends when it comes to colors, details, and theme!  Colors One look on Pinterest and you can see definite color palettes emerging for 2022 wedding trends. Selecting one color for all the dress and tuxedo […]

Tips on Tipping Wedding Vendors

Recently, we have been receiving more and more questions regarding tipping wedding vendors. We thought this blog would be a helpful resource while you are planning out and budgeting expenses! As most of you know, at Nazareth Hall gratuity is never required and never expected. However, if you have figured the gratuity into your budget […]

“You’re Invited!” (to read this blog)

Wedding Invitations are informational guides for your wedding to your guests. You always want to be sure to include as much information as possible for your guests to minimize confusion the day of the wedding! Whether you are selecting pre-made invitations or creating your own from scratch, consider this blog the roadmap to creating a […]

It All Started with a Man Named Bob

Built in 1927 as an all-boy Catholic boarding school.  It eventually evolved into a renowned military school for boys. Operating until 1982, the school stayed true to its Catholic roots and the nuns who served and taught here. Re-emerging with a new mission and purpose, Nazareth Hall was reborn… “The year was 1990. We were […]

Summer Wedding Tips

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year for weddings. Here are some tips to help you beat the heat and have an amazing Summer wedding! Find Ways to Keep Your Guests Cool During an Outdoor Ceremony Outdoor ceremonies are beautiful, but it can get hot. You can keep your guests happy […]

COVID-Friendly Reception Ideas

With the current banquet orders, couples everywhere are having to get creative with their receptions. Here are some fun, unique games and activities to have during your reception! 1) Name that Tune/Finish the Lyrics This is an awesome way to incorporate music during the reception and to utilize your DJ! There are a few ways […]

Nazareth Hall Hostess Quiz!

Find out which day-of Hostess is the best fit for you!! Nazareth Hall provides a complimentary day-of coordinator . They will arrive two hours prior to your ceremony. They are tasked with ensuring the day runs smoothly.  She will assist and coordinate the timeline with vendors, waitstaff, and the wedding party. Her duties include lining […]

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

Choosing the right wedding vendor can be a difficult process! With so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming to try and find the perfect match. We have created a list of questions to help with the search. Check out our Preferred Vendors Guide for professional vendors in the area! DJ’s or Bands How […]

So You Had to Move Your Wedding Because of COVID-19

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest. For some of you, you haven’t even had the chance to experience the first year of your marriage yet and you are already facing some of the toughest days you will experience together. Year one will be a piece of cake in comparison to 2020! […]

A Wedding Photographer Shares the Best Places for Unique Photos at Nazareth Hall

Eek! You’re getting married! (And your wedding day is coming up fast!) You’ve picked the perfect venue, wedding photographer, and dress – and you can’t stop dreaming of the gorgeous photos you’ll have to cherish your day. If you’re like me, you’re obsessed with Nazareth Hall and its fairy-tale charm. The architecture and surroundings are […]

Bridal House Tips & Tricks

Nazareth Hall will be hosting a Bridal House for the first time since 2018! On March 8th, 2020 get ready for the biggest and BEST Bridal House yet! We will be featuring some of the best DJ’s, florists, photographers, photo-booths, and bridal shops in the area! If you like free food, giveaways and an interactive […]

Find Your Perfect Ballroom

With Nazareth Hall offering 3 different ballrooms, it might be hard to figure out which one will fit your wedding vision the best! Click on the button below to find out which ballroom is right for you!     A BIG thank-you to some of the vendors featured in this quiz! Country Rd. Designs Luckybird […]

Wedding Theme Quiz

A wedding theme will set the tone for the entire day and helps to guide each decision through out the planning process. For many couples, this first big decisions is an overwhelming one. From modern to more classic and romantic, the variations and styles are endless. With so many options, this selection can be daunting. [...]

Hostess with the Mostest (Advice)

Nazareth Hall supplies each couple a complimentary hostess. They are day-of event coordinators who arrive 2 hours prior to the ceremony for the couple’s special day! Hostesses are tasked with making sure the day runs smoothly with all those involved, such as bridal party, family, vendors, and wait staff. They can also bustle the bride’s […]

Wedding Planning Timeline: Your Go-To Guide

FINALLY! The time has come, you’re engaged to the love of your life and you can officially start planning the wedding of your dreams. The day you have been dreaming about since you were eight years old using your bed sheets as a dress and your pillowcase as a veil is finally a reality and […]

Preparing for Your Venue Search

Here are suggestions of what to prepare and bring with you for a venue tour!  These tips will not only help your venue coordinator but will also help organize your thoughts before the search!   1. Guest Count (minimum and maximum) Before searching for any venues, it would be in your best interest to type […]

Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

There are SO many benefits to having a winter wedding. Venues tend to have more available dates, prices are lower, vendors are more flexible…etc. However, winter weddings shouldn’t be planned as you would normally plan a Spring, Summer, or Fall wedding. Here are some tips for hosting a successful winter wedding!   Minimize the distance […]

Ultimate Packing List

We all know that preparing for a wedding can be overwhelmingly stressful. No matter how much time you've spent planning, there are multiple items that are easily forgotten. While wedding vendors such as florists, DJ's, photographers, and bakeries take care of most of these items, it's always best to cover your bases! Not only will [...]

Something Borrowed, Blue, and Truly You

These days, there are countless wedding ideas out there. From Pinterest, to those Facebook groups where EVERYONE seems to have an opinion, it can all be so overwhelming! As a bride, it felt like I was constantly fighting with myself. I would find all of these ideas on Pinterest, that looked great, but I had […]

Pros and Cons of a First Look

“Are you planning on having a first look?” This is one of the most controversial questions we ask brides and grooms. If you are still struggling to decide whether you want to see your bride or groom before the ceremony, this blog will help you reach a decision! What is a “first look”? A first […]

A Bride’s Perspective

When You’re the One Walking Down the Aisle | A Bride’s Perspective It has been three weeks since I have been married and it turned out to be nothing like I thought it would be. All the little things that I thought would matter… didn’t. I thought that I had to spend a lot of […]

Advice from Brides

Weddings are a LOT of work! And unless you’ve planned one before, it can be pretty intimidating. At Nazareth Hall we pride ourselves on making the wedding planning process as easy as possible for our brides! That’s why we have asked newly weds “What is your #1 tip for future engaged couples?” Here are 8 […]

Things Brides Worry About, But Don’t Need to at Nazareth Hall: Part 2

Event Day and Timeline! Welcome back to part two of our worried brides series. Brides worry, and they worry A LOT!  But at Nazareth Hall there are so many things you do not have to worry about! Last post we talked about planning and setup. Today’s post is all about your event and timeline! Decorating […]

Things Brides Worry About, But Don’t Need to at Nazareth Hall: Part 1

Event Planning and Setup! The love of your life just proposed! You are overwhelmed with happiness and are thrilled to begin your happily ever after.  You immediately turn to Pinterest for inspiration, but the more you pin, the more you realize there is so much planning that goes into a wedding. It’s true, weddings can […]

Tips For Your Big Day

Tips to help you not forget the little things on your big day!

The Grotto

Read about our beautiful and secluded outdoor grotto!

History of Nazareth Hall

Read about the interesting history that is Nazareth Hall

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