A Wedding Photographer Shares the Best Places for Unique Photos at Nazareth Hall

A Wedding Photographer Shares the Best Places for Unique Photos at Nazareth Hall

Eek! You’re getting married! (And your wedding day is coming up fast!) You’ve picked the perfect venue, wedding photographer, and dress – and you can’t stop dreaming of the gorgeous photos you’ll have to cherish your day.

A Setting Your Wedding Photographer Will Love

If you’re like me, you’re obsessed with Nazareth Hall and its fairy-tale charm. The architecture and surroundings are picture-perfect for photo opportunities, making it a wedding photography dream. You could spend hours exploring this venue and all its unique spots for photos, but when you’ve just gotten married and you’re ready to go party with your closest friends and family, you won’t have hours! Don’t worry – I’m here to help! After countless times shooting at this regal venue, I’ve put together a list of the best places for unique photos at Nazareth Hall.

Wedding Photographer Top Spots

4. The Grotto & Forest Paths

The Grotto is one of Nazareth Hall’s most unique features. The gorgeous stonework makes for a stunning setting for wedding photographers. Above all, the Grotto is surrounded by greenery, woods, and pathways to enhance the fairy tale vibe.

Photos by Vibe Garden Images & Video, Swatch Studios, Galati Photography, Style & Story, & Luckybird Photography


3. The Elevator 

The entrance to the old-fashioned elevator on the first floor is yet another spot for unique photos at Nazareth Hall! Most importantly, pictures taken here always give off an intimate, romantic vibe and are perfect for those steamy couple photos with bae!  

Photos by JH Photography, Luckybird Photography, & Vibe Garden Images & Video


2. The Cadet West Windows 

Photos by the windows of the Cadet West Ballroom are incredible – both from the inside and out! Outdoors, you’ll find classy, charming backdrops on the front and side of the building. Inside, the unique lighting creates dramatic, moody images that give you all the feels. 

Photos by Vibe Garden Images & Video, JP Photography, & Captured by Lydia


1. The Front Yard

The front yard is my favorite spot to capture photos at Nazareth Hall. The farther you walk from the building, the more of it you can capture in the background to showcase its unique beauty. Pictures taken here will make you look like royals in front of your castle. 

Photos by Captured by Lydia, Glimpse Photography, Vibe Garden Images & Video, & Luckybird Photography


Which of these spaces for unique photos at Nazareth Hall is your favorite?! 

Article by Cassidy Ladd from Vibe Garden Images & Video

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