Hostess with the Mostest (Advice)

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Hostess with the Mostest (Advice)

Nazareth Hall supplies each couple a complimentary hostess. They are day-of event coordinators who arrive 2 hours prior to the ceremony for the couple’s special day! Hostesses are tasked with making sure the day runs smoothly with all those involved, such as bridal party, family, vendors, and wait staff. They can also bustle the bride’s dress, cut wedding cake, and assist with the timing of the event! The Bride and Groom are the first priority to the hostess, as she will assist them with anything they need pertaining to the hall.

Nazareth Hall’s hostesses have seen and experienced plenty of weddings over the past several years! They wanted to put together some advice for future couples from their collective experience. Although hostesses only spend one day with their couples, they have learned a lot about the planning process, ceremonies, and receptions.


Planning Process Advice from the Hostess

  • “Stay organized throughout your planning and on your big day!” -Allie
  • “Delegate tasks to family and friends who want to help. It will give those who want to contribute something they can do, which will give you less to do and lower your stress.”- Bella
  • “Stick to your gut on things, if you want it (and if it fits in your budget) get it”- Allie
  • “It is your day; make it what you want.”- Alissa
  • “If you have a vision, explain it to your friends, family, and coordinator. Specific pictures? Write it down for your photographer. Specific songs? Tell the DJ BEFORE the wedding. Get everything done ahead of time, because on the day of your wedding you won’t have the time to do any extra work.”- Sam
  • “Don’t be afraid to ask for help- Your hostess knows how to bustle a dress and is happy to help you.”- Pam


Wedding Day

  • “Share your timeline with other vendors; it ensures that everyone will be on the same page throughout the night.”- Bella
  • “If there is something that stresses you out or makes you nervous, let your hostess know. She might be able to help the situation.”- Bella
  • “If you think a lot of people will be drinking, and you have a hotel your guests are staying at, hire a shuttle. Your guests will get there safer, and it’s another thing you don’t have to worry about.”- Alissa
  • “Have the bridal party clean up their items in the suites before the ceremony, it will give them something to do while they wait for the ceremony, and they will be thankful after the reception that they don’t have to pick up their stuff.”- Bella
  • “If you have concerns about your ring bearer or flower girl not wanting to walk down the aisle on your big day, have a family member wait with them or have them walk with another bridal party member that they know. Your ring bearer and flower girl will be a lot more likely to make it down the aisle without a meltdown.”- Bella & Pam
  • “Let your coordinators know if you do not want late guests coming into the ceremony location after you are already down the aisle. They will be directing your guests prior-to, during, and after the ceremony!”- Bella
  • “If you have a send-off and are leaving immediately after, let your hostess know. You should also pack your items in your suite before the ceremony, maybe even put it in your car. This is so you don’t have to leave the reception to pack it or have a friend or family do it and risk forgetting something.”- Alissa


Things to Remember from Your Hostess

  • “Never hesitate to ask questions, whether they are directed to your hostess or coordinator.”- Allie
  • “Throughout the planning process and on your wedding day, it is about you and your fiancé. Don’t forget to enjoy each step!”- Allie
  • “Take time for yourself on your big day.”- Caroline
  • “Don’t stress about the little things.”- Alissa
  • “No matter what happens, you are still getting married to the person you love!”- Bella


With love,

Your Hostess <3


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