Summer Wedding Tips

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Summer Wedding Tips

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year for weddings. Here are some wedding tips to help you beat the heat and have an amazing Summer wedding!

Find Ways to Keep Your Guests Cool During an Outdoor Ceremony

Outdoor ceremonies are beautiful, but it can get hot. You can keep your guests happy and cool by providing things like water bottles, fans, and sunglasses during the ceremony. Don’t forget about your wedding party as well- Consider having any groomsmen wear suspenders rather than suit jackets, they’ll thank you later!

Keep the Time of Day in Mind for Your Outdoor Ceremony and Pictures

Standing outside when it is the warmest time of a day could affect things like makeup and the comfort of your guests. Keeping the location of the sun in mind will also help you avoid having to take pictures with the sun in your eyes.


Nazareth Hall wedding tips

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One of the Most Important Wedding Tips – Always have a Plan B

In case of rain, you should always have a backup plan for outdoor ceremonies. At Nazareth Hall we will always come up with a plan B and it will still be a wedding of your dreams.

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Pick a Hairstyle that will not be ruined by the Heat and Humidity

Picking a hairstyle for you and your bridesmaids with the weather in mind will keep your hair looking great through the ceremony and into the reception! Simple hairstyles such as braids or buns are less likely to be ruined by the heat.

Toledo Ohio wedding tips

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Serve Food that will Cool Off your Guests.

After being out the heat, the first thing everyone wants to do is to cool off. A great way to help cool off your guests is to serve frozen drinks such as slushies or margaritas. You can also serve refreshing hors d’oeuvres such as Nazareth Hall’s crudité or scoop of fruit.

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Provide Entertainment for your Guests Outside

If your venue has an outdoor space, utilize it. At Nazareth Hall, guests can enjoy being outside on the Ladyglen patio. You can even set out lawn games to keep your guest entertain and to enjoy the nice weather. 

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Give Out Favors with a Purpose

You can give out favors that will be useful in the summer and even at your wedding. These favors could be sunglasses, fans, glass koozies, or flip flops.

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