2022 Wedding Trends Prediction

2022 wedding trends

2022 Wedding Trends Prediction

With the 2022 wedding season shaping up to be record breaking, we are predicting some of the biggest 2022 wedding trends when it comes to colors, details, and theme


One look on Pinterest and you can see definite color palettes emerging for 2022 wedding trends. However, selecting one color for all the dress and tuxedo vests is clearly out! From monochromatic to sets of earth tones, brides will be choosing several colors to make their day special. While the lighter, soft colors will be hot, look for darker moody colors to emerge as well.


monochromatic 2022 wedding trends

Neutrals & Earth Tones

2022 wedding trends themes

Dark & Moody

2022 wedding trends


The details of your wedding and reception is what makes it truly yours. From picking the perfect wedding favors to including more desert options. The trending details are sure to please the whole crowd.

Vintage & Nostalgia

2022 wedding trends and details

Smaller Wedding Cakes & More Dessert Options

wedding cakes and other 2022 wedding trends

Sweetheart Tables

2022 wedding trends in sweetheart tables

Unique Wedding Favors

wedding favors


2022 wedding trends and mocktails

Bold Florals

wedding flowers


Picking the perfect wedding theme is sometimes tough! But you can’t go wrong if you start with any of these 2022 wedding trends for your theme.


Nazareth Hall outdoor weddings


2022 wedding trends and different themes


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