Tips on Tipping Wedding Vendors

groomsman celebrating and a guide to tipping wedding vendors

Tips on Tipping Wedding Vendors

Recently, we have been receiving more and more questions regarding tipping wedding vendors. We thought this blog would be a helpful resource while you are planning out and budgeting expenses! As most of you know, at Nazareth Hall gratuity is never required and never expected. However, if you have figured the gratuity into your budget and had an exceptional experience with any vendor, it is a great way to show your appreciation!

Keep in mind, some vendors will include gratuity into their bill. These vendors are not expecting any additional tips at the end of their service. Likewise, the sole proprietor of a business traditionally does not expect a tip as they create their own pricing. The numbers shown below are general estimates and you are free to change these amounts as they apply to your wedding!


If gratuity is incorporated into your budget, see below for the typical amount given to each vendor.

Hair & Make Up Artists – 15-25% of total

Transportation – 15-20% of total

Wedding Planner/Decorator – $50+

DJ/Band – $50+

Officiant – $50+

Photographer or Videographer – $50+

Florist – $50+

Bakery – $50+

Venue Coordinator – $20+

Hostess/Day-of Coordinator – $20+

Waitstaff – $15+ per person

Bartenders- $15+ per person (Keep in mind, bartenders will often receive tips throughout the night at the bar.)


If you are looking for a different way to show appreciation other than tipping wedding vendors, here are some alternatives:

Gift Cards


Small Gifts

Thank-You Cards


a comprehensive guide for tipping wedding vendors from hair and makeup to coordinators to the DJ and band


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